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It’s such an inviting and cheerful kick-off class. Learning that Dr.Rosseni is one of our lecturers for this Educational Technology course adds even more excitement. We’ve had the motherly Dr.Rosseni for the previous Computer in Education course during the freshman year; and i really like her as well as her instructions! Now I’m looking forward to experiencing new interesting stuff from her classes. There are also two other lecturers who’ll be taking turns teaching us instead of Dr. Rosseni and i’m sure they’re certainly as fun and informative. (^_~)



It’s predictable that this particular course is the continuation of the Computer in Education subject; it’s just that it is of the higher level and with more sophisticated and complex contents. There’s another good news about this course: 2 hours class including tutorial every friday makes a perfect schedule! This really saves our time and energy compared to the subjects that have their lectures and tutorials on separate days. As described by Dr.Rosseni during this first meeting, throughout the 10 weeks of the course we’ll learn various stuff including video making, video and photo shooting, image editing using software such as the Photoshop, and many other useful skills. Just as in the commencement class of other subjects, we are imparted with the info regarding the course outlines and evaluation methods. The course will involve quite a number of fieldworks and projects especially the video-makings activities; hence, as usual the digital and manual processes and techniques required to complete the works will be learnt during the lectures and then implemented and practised during the tutorials. Apart from that, as for the evaluation, we’ll be assessed based on the individual works including the reflections made on blog which makes up 40% of our marks, group project(30%), and the final exam (another 30%) .




Not to be pessimistic yet this is just to be frank :Overall, based on the description on the lessons we’ll learn and the tasks we’ll be assigned to,  i can feel that this course may be quite challenging for me for  i am not really computer/technology-literate. Nevertheless  i will certainly put the whole effort and commitment in completing this course excellently as no matter how hard it is, it will surely contribute multitudinous technological knowledge which may be beneficial for my instructions in future. Hopefully everything will get easier and just fine with assistance from my dearest coursemates and guidance from the lecturers….and optimistically,,it’s gonna be so much FUN!!(^_^)