After 12 weeks of attending lectures, joining workshops, undergoing the three phases of the video production process, we finally produce our final video and today we are ready to present it to our instructors cum evaluators (^_^) .

            The class starts at 9 a.m, earlier than usual. For the best quality screen projection of our video, Dr.Rosseni has booked the Dewan Budiman for our class to take place today. Last night we’ve been busy discussing about what should we elaborate about the video and else to present other than the video itself. This morning when all four members of my group (Dayang,Vanessa, Pei Si and I) reach our seats, we quickly distribute the presentation tasks. Vanessa asks me to create a new caption describing the places in Kelantan to put in the video; and I immediately work on it. Since we’ve come a few minutes earlier before the class starts and before Dr.Rosseni attends the hall, we’ve got time to manage doing all these.


            Dr.Rosseni allocates the first one hour for the course revisions and discussion on the past year exam questions; and the next one hour for the video presentation. Luckily, I’ve brought the copy of the exam questions with me (^_^) . Dr.Rosseni highly stresses us on revising the set of the past year questions she’s given us since according to her observation, lots of the final exam questions published each year are the repetitions of the previous years’ . We are really glad to hear this, and certainly hope at least 10 to 15 same questions will come out again in our final exam! (^_^). We are given 20 minutes to complete the questions on our own first, and then Dr.Rosseni comes back to discuss the answers with us. Some of the questions are within the content we learnt from our lectures and workshops; while there are also questions that are out of our knowledge. Dr.Rosseni clarifies that this may be because the questions are set up a few years ago, whose certain contents are no longer in the current syllabus. However, Dr.Rosseni recommends us to visit her past years blog posts and download all of the notes available in them; just to get prepared if the exam questions also cover the contents from those lecture notes. Although Dr.Rosseni keeps apologizing for not being able to tell us what topic to emphasize for the final exam since she is not the question setter; yet all of the hints and tips she’s given us are actually worth more than the “predicted” topics, and we are more than grateful for them.  I state this because my friends from the other set claims that not only they are not told of any “spot” topics for the exam, they also do not receive any copy of the past year questions like we the TESLians did. Plus, they even ask for the copies from us. That is why I always feel lucky to have Dr.Rosseni as my instructor (^_^) .

            As planned, the next one hour is fulfilled with the execution of the group video presentation. Each group is allowed to present their video for not more than 15 minutes, including the introduction of group members, briefing on the tasks distribution, and of course screening of the video. Everyone is also given two sets of evaluation form with rubrics to individually evaluate each of the presented video. As most of the times, Kak Lynn’s group volunteers to have the first turn. I always admire their confidence and courage to do the first presentation in most of the classes we have (^_^) . Kak Lynn’s group’s video features the views of most of the lakes situated in Selangor. It also possesses a great compilation of videos and excellent choice of shooting places. I believe Kak Lynn’s group members have done lots of outdoor visiting around Selangor to gather all these wonderful materials. Next, Samm’s group takes place in the presentation. Their video exhibits various beautiful recreation spots especially for family getaways. Like Kak Lynn’s group, they too have gorgeous shots due to the appropriate selection of places. Both videos by Kak Lynn’s group and Samm’s group are in line their themes; where the former focuses on the nature, while the latter focuses on the “family escape” holidays. However, I personally think that the videos will be much more effective if the scenes are enriched with more descriptive captions; and the whole video is featured with more “alive” and “arousing” background music.


            The third video presentation is by Aqila’s group. This is not a partial statement, yet to be honest other than my own group’s ,Aqila’s group’s video is the one I’ve been waiting to watch, since their theme is the food hunting in Putrajaya; and people know how passionate I am towards food and cooking! And as I expected, they really feature up excellent choices of food from the best diners. I enjoy watching Aqila and Luqman dine together at a local restaurant in Putrajaya and talk about and describe the food as if they taste like heaven. These two compatible partners make a pair of very professional hosts together. I bet it’s not too much to say that their confidence in hosting the documentary has ranked them as good as those hosts of the television “food hunting” program “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” on the TV3 channel! (^_^)


            Our group takes the last turn to present. This is not at all because we are afraid; yet we would like to let and watch other groups present first, while we benefit the time to get completely ready for our turn. Pei Si is assigned to brief on the task distribution among the group members in the making of the video while I function as the main spokesperson explaining on the themes and messages of our video. Regarding the delegation of tasks, each of our group members equally contributes to the process of producing the video. We gain the materials (pictures and videos) for the video during the semester break in our hometown and vacation trips; and since we are from different states of origins and some of us also join the trips to various islands, we have the opportunity to feature the beautiful places found all over Malaysia. During the video editing processes, Dayang works hard with the filtering and editing of images and videos; Vanessa gets busy looking for suitable audios and combining the materials; Pei Si assists Dayang with the images as well as updating our company blog; while I strive hard on doing the best captions to be put along with the materials in the video. We all have worked hard and given 100% commitment. As for me, I admit that it is not that easy to create really descriptive and encouraging texts in order to ensure their effectiveness on the audience since it requires excellent written English language competency and a large stock of interesting vocabulary which i am not really good at. However, thanks to the subtitling job test I’ve attended recently for giving me a holiday documentary to translate. From it I become familiar with some of the descriptive words and they actually help a lot in helping me to create the captions!! (^_^) It actually takes one whole week for us to finish editing the whole video and come out with the best finalized one. This long period is due to our business and commitment to other assignments of other courses as well as the college events. The process takes even a longer time since not any of our group members’ notebook computer supports the all of the softwares we use to edit the video and its materials; causing us to have always attend the computer laboratory at the faculty for better editing operations.


          After all, we are so grateful that all these strife and hard works turn out to be very very very much WORTH IT when Dr.Rosseni and MR.Helmi gives us the best and pleasing compliments regarding our video. They’ve claimed that we have managed to deliver our intended message of promoting Malaysia as well as encouraging the audience to come visit the featured places through our images, videos, captions, audios, and all of the materials incorporated in our video. Indeed, this happiness is indescribable!!! (^_^)  . ALHAMDULILLAH !!! Additionally, we get even more excited when Dr.Rosseni promises to give us the full marks for the video project; provided that we assist Kak Lynn’s group to enhance their video and present it again next week. Aqila’s group is promised with the same thing, and they are assigned to help Samm’s group with the video. Of course, we do not mind helping them to better their videos because the condition is not as much as our instructor’s kindness and willingness of giving us the full marks. I am also glad to see the smiling faces of Dr.Rosseni and Mr.Helmi  and feel blessed to hear them say that they are proud of us and the works we have presented are beyond their expectations. I just want or instructors to know that we are very happy if we have really fulfilled your hope and expectations from us, as after getting tremendous knowledge and skills you have imparted us in the lectures, workshops, and online discussions, all we aim for is handing in the best work for you (^_^). By the way, we have uploaded the mentioned video on YouTube and below is the link to it;


           I also hereby would like to thank my dearest GROUPMATES VANESSA, DAYANG, and PEI SI lots lots lots for always being soooooo helpful and very much understanding to me throughout the video production phases and also throughout our friendship years. I always feel lucky to be in your group and always believe than when we work together, we are definitely going to do the BEST!!!!! (^_^) . To all my other coursemates, I am glad that we eventually did it, though after encountering myriad difficulties and obstacles. WELL DONE to all of us!!!!


        And certainly, a MILLION THANKS to all of our instructors DR.ROSSENI, MR.HELMI, MRS.HAZRATI, MR.FAISAL, and MR.YUSUF for all the patient and full guidance and teaching. We would never manage to succeed doing all these if it is not because of you!!!!! (^_^) ~~~~ [ Note: Especially to Dr.Rosseni, thank you for making time to attend the presentation session although you have a son admitted to the hospital during that time. I hope our works and presentations are worth your time sacrifice. May your son get better soon  (^_^) ]


             Overall, it is a very exciting video presentation session. The place (Dewan Budiman) is very conducive and cozy with the seats opposing the screen, smooth air conditioning, good quality screen projector and excellent sound system! We can definitely watch and listen to the videos clearly and comfortably. Every single thing is satisfying; it is just that i wish we can book the hall a bit longer so that   all groups especially mine which is the last will not have to screen our videos in a rush and we will also have enough time to comment and discuss on each video presented. However, I understand that the hall is limited for a long use since there are other classes waiting to use it for their lectures too. It is ok, as in the next class we’ll watch Kak Lynn’s and Samm’s group videos steadily in class and get more than enough time to listen to our instructors’ comments. Despite the insufficiency of time, it is indeed a very exhilarating class since we all dismiss with wide smiles on our faces. Thank you everyone!!! (^_^) 


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