It is quite sad to say that this might be the last class for the Educational Technology class for this semester. There are two main things that remain unsettled which have prompted us to have this very last class; which is to watch the second-time video presentation by Kak Lynn’s group and Samm’s group after they’re given a week’s time to fix and improve their videos; and to say farewell (^_^) .

          After everyone arrives at the class, Kak Lynn’s group takes the first turn to present. Their videos contain the same materials, yet with some new images added and the background music changed to a catchier one. Then, Samm’s group has their turn presenting their modified videos. Just like Kak Lynn’s group, they have also changed their background songs and add some new materials into their video. I can say that Kak Lynn’s group and Samm’s group have really improved their videos through certain appropriate modifications. Their videos now are much better and manage to deliver the messages to the audience more effectively than the previous. However, I agree with Dr.Rosseni that to make the videos more efficacious, more texts should be infused since texts may function as the instrument for encouraging the audience to come visit the featured places. Anyways, well done to Kak Lynn’s group and Samm’s group!!! It seems like all of you have used the opportunity given by Dr.Rosseni optimally to better up your works. As I’ve always said, we’re lucky to have Dr.Rosseni and Mr.Helmi as our instructors, as not all instructors are willing to give us the second chance of presenting our work and willing to re-evaluate it again. Thanks lotsssssss teachers!!! (^_^) . To help us get even better scores, Dr.Rosseni allows us some more time of finishing our moblog reflections and fixing any flaws contained in our video; and only hand it in online after we finish all of our final exam papers in June. I think Dr.Rosseni has made a very appropriate decision as by allowing us more time to complete up all of our tasks, we will not have to do it in a rush without considering their quality. Furthermore, this extended dateline also lets us focus on our exams first , without having to divide our attention between doing revisions and chasing the assignment datelines. To conclude, Dr.Rosseni thoughtfulness and tolerance have really ease us especially during this critical time. I believe that lots of my coursemates will agree with me in this (^_^) .


          After the video presentations and a little briefing on the assignment due date, we seize the opportunity to capture pictures of us together with Dr.Rosseni and Mr.Helmi. However, we don’t manage to have a picture with all people at once since we have to take turns to be the photo shooter. At this time I suddenly think that if Mr.Yusuf was here he would definitely take a complete class picture for us (^_^) . Below are the captures we have in the last class;


            As the photo shooting session ends, class dismisses. I am glad that we have had a wonderful course with Dr.Rosseni, Mr.Helmi, Mrs.Hazrati, and Mr.Faisal. Everything learnt in this course meant a lot to us. I am now getting more “literate” in the technology that I now know how to use the Adobe Photoshop, WordPress blog, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Soundbooth, Windows Live Movie Maker, and such. I’m confident in saying that all of the course objectives and learning outcomes stated by Dr.Rosseni in the course outline have been achieved. To recall, other than the softwares mentioned earlier, throughout this course we have produced a prototype of a blog, create mobile tags, get the mobile augmented reality scanner on our phones, learn certain theories of designing instructional media, and most importantly know how the technologies learnt may be employed in our teaching in future . All of these things are definitely useful for us now as well as in the future. The Educational Technology course this semester has really given me abundance of knowledge and experience and taught me lots of things both in my academic performance and in life as a person. From the groupworks I have actually become closer to my classmates; and the conflicts that appear really teaches me on the values of giving commitments and taking responsibilities.

I would like to thank all of my coursemates for helping and working with me while we’re taking this course. And to all of my instructors, thank you so much for bearing with me, being patient with my behaviours, keeping answering my countless questions, tolerating with my requests of lengthening the assignments due date, teaching me, guiding me, and most importantly educating me with wonderful knowledge you have. I hope to see you again in other courses. I feel lucky to one of your students!!! Thank you and So Long!!! Assalamualaikum (^_^)

nice goodbye quote for my teachers and friends



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